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Environmental Control Units

As an effort to further assist our customers we have partnered with Livewire to offer greater service to our customers. Now we can program a single remote that can interact with just about any device that has an electronic control. What this means is a single remote may allow you to turn your thermostat up and down, turn your lights off and on and control the following home products: Ceiling Lifts, Stair Lifts, Lights, Thermostat, Television and Door Openers & Intercoms. This may help individuals reduce their dependence on caregivers. We also sell, install and service the products to assist our clients in their homes. Providing stair lifts, porch lifts, ceiling lifts, pool lifts, ramps and elevators.

Environmental Control Units, or ECUs as they're commonly called, enable persons with physical disabilities to participate in a broad range of everyday activities at home, at work, in classrooms, in health care centers and in hospitals through a variety of user-friendly interfaces, including the touch of a button or the sound of the user's voice. The Partnership of Mobility Center of Va and Livewire, are committed to matching the correct technology with the correct person in the correct situation.

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Environmental Control Units, or ECUs -Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are the hottest consumer technology products on the market today. While thousands of applications have been written for nearly every conceivable situation, persons with disabilities have fewer opportunities than most to enjoy the newest in mobile computing.

Environmental Control Units, or ECUs-Switches

Switches are at the core of access technology. What can appear to some as simply a "button" can - properly selected and installed-open worlds of access to communication devices, environmental controls, computer software, and mobile devices. Selecting the correct switch can be challenging, but we make it easy. By following some simple guidelines, you can narrow the vast array of switch options to a few appropriate choices.

Environmental Control Unit-Computer Access

For people with disabilities, computers open up worlds of possibilities. Through the computer and over the internet, disabilities melt away to reveal the person's true gifts and talents. But for many, accessing a computer through a traditional keyboard, mouse, and screen is a challenge, if not an impossibility. That's why we developed a full line of computer access products and alternative input technology to remove those barriers.

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